Small Ponies

Please do not confuse these wonderful miniature horses with the slightly larger Falabella’s which used to be the smallest horses twenty years ago, mini Shetlands just got smaller over the years.
Falabella ponies are taller but finer. A pony is just another name for a horse smaller than 14.2 hands so a miniature horse is the same as a miniature pony.
The smallest horse is 17" and is a miniature dwarf Shetland pony in the 2007 Guinness book of records.
We regret that the respected Guinness Book of Records decided to put a faulty horse in its books because it will now encourage bad breeders to breed faulty dwarf horses if they wish to get into the record books.
We will always know that we bred the smallest perfect horse in the World,  we sold it for a tiny price to the best people in the World who may get it to stardom soon in their way, all that matters is that all of our ponies, however special will get a special life and not a commercial un-loved life