Out of Fairytail Lizzy our first foal this year.

This is the first born foal of 2016, a lovely colt foal by Fairytail Curly Wurly Piebald Stallion out of Fairytail Lizzette Piebald Mare.

He is very special being homozygous and he will always breed coloured ponies.

This foal will be prices high for its very unusual marked face, like a paint horse of North America and also homozygous.

Out of Fairytail Catriona our second foal.

Born  11/05/2016 Bay & White Filly by Fairytail Midas Touch out of Fairytail Catriona. This foal will also be homozygous.

The price will go up or down later as she gets more friendly with me. She may end up not for sale as one last year as she is proving to be very special and super friendly so far.

Out of Fairytail Tabitha our third foal.

Fairytail Tabitha with her stunning piebald filly foal born 15th May 2016.
Sired by Fairytail Leo.

This foal will not be for sale at any price this year so please do not ask.

This foal will also be homozygous.

Out of Fairytail Seventh Heaven our fourth foal.

Fairytail Seventh Heaven with her colt foal born 17th May 2016 by Fairytail Midas Touch.

This foal will also be homozygous.

This foals price starts at £700, he will make a fantastic tiny well bred Fairytail Homozygous Stallion.

His price may go up if he gets super friendly and so becomes a special therapy type miniature pony which will be a better life than a mostly locked up stallion.

Out of Fairytail Juniper our fifth foal.

Born 23rd May 2016 at about 10am.
Being daylight I managed to film this foaling.
It was a colt foal by Fairytail Midas Touch.

This foal will also be homozygous.

This foal is nice and tiny.

Out of Fairytail Angels Kiss our sixth foal called "Fairytail Lucky"

This foal came also at about 10am on 24th May.
Lucky for the foal we were there as it had got a leg back.
We managed to get that forward and we got a live skewbald colt with a nice white face.

This foal will also be homozygous.
Lucky is out of our smallest mare by our smallest stallion so this foal is also priceless at the moment.

It is destined to become our next stallion in 2022 to produce even tinier ponies then.

Out of Morjoy Nuisette our seventh foal 7 - 31st May

One of our dear loved older mares called Morjoy Nuisette had a lovely bay & white filly foal again by our tiny stallion Fairytail Midas Touch. All went well, born at about 11pm about 10 minutes before I checked on her, the foal was just up on its feet but I was able to check that it was a filly. Mum did not mind, Nuisette is a very special loving mare "Totally People Orientated", that foal will be more than well suited to being one of our special friends for our therapy project.


Miniature Horse Foals Playing

This is an older low quality video of foals playing.

Getting The Trust...

Patients and gentleness help to gain the trust of the new foals, once this trust is gained the foal will always be friendly.

Pony & Foal

Here is a special video of a family that came to choose a pony to buy.
The ponies chose them in the end.

Fairytail Panache...

Fairytai Panache with her foal Time Lord 2008 He is such a caracter. Full of mischief.

Yearling Colts Playing

Letting the miniature Shetland colts out in the fields 2007.

Sleeping Foals In A Circle

A lovely video showing all the miniature Shetland mares with their new born foals.

A Foal Is Born...

The foaling of Morjoy Nuisette, a miniature Shetland pony at the Fairytail Stud UK in May 08.

Foals Playing Again...

Some more foals playing on a summer evening.

More Playing...

Just a short but nice video.

Treasures New Colt 2015

A nice high quality video of mare and foal.

Shetland Pony Foaling

A lovely video showing a foaling.

Janette With A Bucket...

A pony mugging session when a bucket is spotted by one of them.

Spring Ponies...

Letting the ponies out in the spring after a few weeks off the muddy fields.

Cuddle A New Foal...

A visitor with child cuddling a newly born foal.

Full Day Foaling...

A video showing new foals with mums going out on a multi foaling day.

Pipi And Prince

Miniature Shetland ponies driving as a pair.

Driving Alfie and Wally...

A day out with Alfie and Wally in heavy traffic.

Miniature Pony Fairytail Rosita with new born foal at 12 hours old 2011

This is a very high quality video.

Fairytail Herbie Doing Agility

Just look at what you can do with these little ponies.

A Special Quiet Evening...

This is a lovelly video taken on a lovelly summer evening in 2010.