Foaling News 2016 Here.

Foal 1 - 9th May

At about 12.30 pm I counted our 30 mares and 1 was missing, I panicked a bit as that can mean something is wrong, however after walking over another hill I found her and her new really special colt foal.

It was our Fairytail Lizzette with her new born piebald colt foal of this morning by Curly Wurly.

She was well and the foal was lovelly.

All the other mares wanted to adopt this foal so it has had to learn to be a fast runner today.

Foal 2. 11th May

Fairytail Catriona had a lovely bay and white filly foal at about 2 am by our Fairytail Midas Touch stallion. All went well.

Foal 3 - 15th May

Fairytail Tabatha had a stunning tiny piebald hairy filly by our stallion Fairytail Curly Wurly we think, but it could be Fairytail Leo so we will need to have this one DNA tested.

Foal 4 - 17th May

Fairytail Seventh Heaven had a lovely well marked piebald colt by Fairytail Midas Touch.

Videos on the videos page. Photos on the photos page. All being updated ongoing.

Foal 5 - 23rd May

Fairytail Juniper had a skewbald colt foal by Fairytail Midas Touch at about 10am so I was able to film this for the video page.

Foal 6 - 24th May

Fairytail Angels Kiss had a slewbald colt by Fairytail Midas Touch again at about 10 am. I could not film this as we had an emergency with the foal having a leg back.
However I managed to push the foals head back in and get the leg forward.

All ended up well we think but Kizzy and the foal both seem a bit stressed. The foal is quieter and not as active as the one born yesterday.

Update - Kizzy is a lot better and feeding the new foal now which is fine.

Foal 7 - 31st May

One of our dear loved older mares called Morjoy Nuisette had a lovelly bay and white filly foal again by our tiny stallion Fairytail Midas Touch. All went well, born at about 11pm about 10 minutes before I checked on her, the foal was just up on its feet but I was able to check that it was a filly. Mum did not mind, Nuisette is a very special loving mare "Totally People Orientated", that foal will be more than well suited to being one of our special friends for our therapy project.
Check out the video page.

That's it for 2016.

Tough Times

We have been though a tough time with the recession since 2008.

No one wanted any horses or ponies for many years.

Millions of horses have now gone for slaughter for horse meat for europe as they love the UK's horse steaks.

But things are getting better.

Stopped Breeding For A While

We stopped breeding for a while as we could not see then a market for good quality miniature horses during the recession.

Photos, Videos & Facebook

I will try to take the best quality photos and videos of our mares and foals 2016. Keep up to date with our facebook page at or just friend or follow Janette on facebook.